- If you dont have a clue what Crowdfunding is you might want to start at Wikipedia.

- The article which opened my eyes to the potential was Kickstartup – Successful fundraising with Kickstarter & the (re)making of Art Space Tokyo my craigmod. It’s an indepth description of his successful Crowdfunding-campaign and phrases some visionary thoughts about the power of crowdfunding! Other good articles to get a more indepth understanding of Crowdfunding are How to figure the true costs of a Kickstarter project and the collection of 10 must-read-posts aggregated by NoFilmSchool.

- Some of the best Crowdfunding campaigns I came across have been The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero, the Coffee Julies, Pogo presents World Remix and here in Germany the Hartz IV Flat! Check those projects if you’d like to learn how to be creative with your campaign!

A detailed step by step article how to start a successful Kickstarter-Campaign you find at Gary’s blog.

What have been the Crowdfunding Ressources you learned the most? Let me know!!!

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