Hey! My name is Simon Ruschmeyer and this is the road to my artistic freedom. Feel free to join the ride!

This blog will be the sketchbook of the way to my first crowdfunding campaign. I have a lot of questions how crowdfuding works and I would like to share and discuss the answers I find with you.

I heard about Crowdfunding about two years ago. Have you heard about it yet? On the first look it’s a new financiation model for artistic projects, where a big number of supporters help funding an idea through a cluster of small donations. That’s how I first understood it, but when I was reading this article the penny dropped! Crowdfunding is much more than just a funding model, in my opinon it is changing the relationship between artists and audiences fundamentally! In most of the arts mediation authorities are standing between artists and their audiences. You need to win the attention of a state funding organization, of a publishing house, a label or museums and galleries. This leads to the situation that many artwortks might please a small number of gate keepers but are not reaching an audience. With Crowdfunding you can cut the middle man, you can directly communicate with your audience, react to feedback, argue about works and provoke them with unadjusted ideas.

The Background Story
Ok, let’s get back to my case. I am a filmmaker. Filmmaking is an expensive profession. Although I am very much into digital technology which makes the process cheaper I still like to use the visual power of all the departments, let it be set design, costumes, make-up, etc., you get the idea. Here in Germany, shortfilm making is completely dependent on state funding, feature films both on state funding and tv-co-production money. In result, filmmakers are judged by funding jurys and through their success at festivals, how their films are received by the audience is an inferior variable.

I would like to make art which reaches an audience. I am not talking about mainstream filmmaking here, I talk about involving my audience emotionally and consciously, to make them think about the questions raised by my work. The internet and croodfunding give my possibility to directly communicate with my audience and vice versa. If I could get a film funded by the crowd, I would have total artistic freedom and at the same time the possibility to directly communicate with my audience to discuss my artwork. Doesnt this sosund like a dream to be come true?

If you would like to get in touch, write my an email, meet me on twitter or vimeo, check my portfolio, or read my other blogs movingweb.org and filmforest.de.

The beautiful header image is called “Prince Audience” and was kindly contributed by Mogens Henrik Sørensen and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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